Twin Hills

At Twin Hills Lincoln in Richmond Hills, we would ask, “Why not buy a Lincoln Continental?” The Lincoln Continental is not the car your grandma used to drive. With richly designed interiors, innovative technology, and lifesaving safety features, this sleek and sophisticated Continental stands alone.


Long gone are the days of the long, hot, upholstered seat you likely stretched out on as a child to ride to the grocery store. The Continental provides a beautiful combination of technology and interior luxury that means you reap the benefits of Perfect Position Seats with Active Motion. Offering a wide range of adjustability and independent thigh extenders, including massage, you won’t have to stop and stretch your legs with this system at your fingertips.

We didn’t forget the backseat, either. The reclining rear seat included in the available Rear-Seat Amenities Package provides climate and audio controls and rear-window shade screens. Ample legroom and seats that offer power lumbar support, massage, and heating and ventilating mean that comfort abounds.

Every stitch, every button, every amenity put forward in the Continental’s cabin was deliberately crafted to create a luxurious, thoughtful experience. Sophistication in design provides a sense of elegance that’s detectable when you open the door. In addition to the Perfect Position Seats and the Rear-Seat Amenities Package, you’ll notice the dashboard’s seamless design and console. Harmony is created and enjoyed in the cabin.

If you long to feel the wind in your hair or smell the salt as you get closer to the sea, you’ll be interested in the available Twin-Panel Moonroof. With dual panes large enough to provide fresh breezes and copious amounts of Vitamin D for even those in the backseat, this feature is a must-have.


We have learned a great deal about what comforts can be wrought from a well-designed steering wheel. Controls for the digital display, a head-up display, SYNC 3, and more are positioned more easily for ease of use. Wood inlays and a leather-wrapped steering wheel are as elegant as they are comfortable and functional.

SYNC 3 quickly responds to your voice commands and touchscreen. Connecting you to all your important contacts, playlists, podcasts, and navigation systems, SYNC 3 is an easy-to-use interface that keeps you connected - even when you’re on the road.

If you need a soundtrack for your journey, you’ve got the perfect instrument to play it on with the Revel Ultima Audio System. 19 expertly placed speakers deliver music in a way you’ve never experienced before. Choose between three listening modes: Stereo, Audience, and Onstage. No matter what you listen to or how you choose to listen to it, you’ll never, ever miss even one beat again.


Your safety is our priority. Lincoln Co-Pilot360 is a suite of driver-assist technologies that are the best on the road today. Many of the features within this suite are standard on the Continental, but ask your sales team member to be specific about the model in which you’re interested. Features include:

    • Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking. If the system’s sensors detect that you’re traveling at a speed rate that’s too fast for the traffic ahead, a warning flashes and alert sounds. If you don’t take action to slow down, the system activates Automatic Emergency Braking to reduce the severity of a frontal collision.

    • Lane Keeping System. If you inadvertently veer from your detected lane of traffic, our system will sound a gentle alarm to help you refocus. If the system detects several drifts in a short amount of time, it will suggest that a cup of coffee or a short break may be in order.

    • Blind Spot Detection with Cross-Traffic Alert. If our system detects a vehicle in your blind spot, you are alerted with a small light in the corresponding side-view mirror. It’s that simple, but that innovative.

Cross-Traffic Alert is handy when you’re backing out of a busy parking lot or down a steep driveway. Our system detects the presence of cross-traffic and lets you know when it’s clear to proceed.

    • Auto High Beams. Our headlights can detect the amount of ambient light and adjust your headlights accordingly. They automatically dim and brighten depending on need.

About Us

The Continental is a luxury car that needs to be seen to be appreciated, especially if your last memory of it was from the backseat when you were too little to even think about driving. Lincoln has implemented sophisticated designs, innovative technologies, and lifesaving safety features throughout all our models, but there is something special about the Continental.

Come to Twin Lakes Lincoln in Richmond Hill, sit behind the steering wheel, and see what you think. It’s just so incredibly different from what you might remember. We know you’ll be impressed.

Twin Hills