Twin Hills

Our sales team at Twin Hills Lincoln knows what features our friends and neighbors in Richmond Hill equate with luxury, and they are here to tell you luxury never looked as good as it does on the Lincoln Nautilus.

Sleek, modern exterior design means sophistication and distinction. This vehicle is a head-turner for sure. With an incredible interior, innovative technologies, and lifesaving safety features, we know you’ll be pleased with all the Nautilus has to offer.


We spend so much time in our vehicles that they’ve become extensions of our homes. We want you to feel as comfortable in your Nautilus as you might in your living room. One of the best ways to guarantee a peaceful drive is knowing you’ll have a quiet journey. Our first-row acoustic-laminate glass provides an enormous reduction in traffic noise and other unpleasant outdoor sounds.

Inside the vehicle, our active noise control feature heightens cabin sound quality by reducing irritating engine noise while enhancing desired sound to help provide the best driving experience.

Enjoy the most comfortable seats we have to offer with available active motion. With power thigh extenders and 11 independent air cushions, seven of which offer massage, these seats help decrease muscle fatigue, aches, and pains.

Lincoln has made all efforts to provide the most comfortable ride on the road. It doesn’t get much better than power heated and ventilated front seats with lumbar support and memory settings for three drivers.

Several seating packages are available for your choosing, including the ultimate comfort - Bridge of Weir Deepsoft leather-trimmed seats. With options like these, you’ll never have to stop and stretch your legs again.

Whether you need morning motivation on the way to work or soothing inspiration during a long journey home, the available 13- and 19-speaker Revel Audio Systems breathe new life into every playlist. Ask one of our sales team members about maximizing the audio system in your Nautilus. You’ll be glad you asked!

We didn’t forget about function, either. The hands-free liftgate is a crowd-pleaser, especially when that crowd has their hands full! Simply kick under the rear bumper, and the hands-free power liftgate is activated, making loading and unloading easier than ever.


We’ve left no stone unturned installing the latest available technologies. We want you to be able to stay connected when and where you need to - without hassle or frustration.

SYNC 3 brings the latest and greatest Apple CarPlay compatibility. Use Siri to interact with your iPhone and use your playlists, navigation, contacts, even text while you keep both hands on the wheel.

Find the most convenient way home with SYNC3 AppLink and the Waze app. Just connect your phone to your Nautilus and access turn-by-turn directions, caution alerts, faster routes, and much more from your center console, making for less distracted driving.


Lincoln Co-Pilot360 safety technologies are the best in the business. Lifesaving safety technologies like these make us proud. Be sure to ask a sales team member which of these must-have safety features are standard and which can be added to your vehicle. Features include:

Blind Spot Detection with Cross-Traffic Alert. Our sensors detect when a vehicle has entered your blind spot and alerts you with a light in the corresponding side-view mirror.

You don’t have to make guesses or ever feel like you’re taking a chance.

Cross-Traffic Alert works when you’re in reverse. Sensors in the rear-panels activate so that you can back out of a parking lot or driveway with the assurance that there is nothing in your way.

Lane-Keeping System. We know we need to keep our hands on the wheel and our eyes on the road at all times. Sometimes, though, that is impossible. Should you become momentarily distracted, the Lane-Keeping System gently warns you to stay within your detected lane.

Rear View Camera with Rear Camera Wash. You can’t see what you can’t see. The rearview camera takes the guesswork out of knowing what’s behind your vehicle. Should the lens become dirty, cleaning is as simple as activating the windshield wash, which simultaneously triggers the camera wash. It’s that easy.

Auto High-Beam Headlamps. By amplifying the amount of light emitted in a low-light situation, you’ll have a better view of what’s ahead. When traveling in a well-lit area, high-beams are automatically dimmed.

Safety is our most important responsibility. Ask our sales team members about all the ways Lincoln works to keep you and your passengers safe while you’re out in the world.

About Us

At Twin Hills Lincoln, we know luxury. We also know our community. Investing in a new vehicle takes time and thoughtful consideration. Our team works to give you all the information you need to make the best decision. Then, we wait for you to think through your options on your schedule. We work with you.

See for yourself all the Nautilus has to offer. We know you won’t be disappointed.

Twin Hills