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If you’re ready for something new, something that takes your breath away, something you know you’ve wanted for a long time, then look no further. The Lincoln Navigator checks all those boxes.

Our team at Twin Hills Lincoln is amazed at the Navigator’s luxurious interiors, convenient features, and safety innovations that make driving so much less stressful.


It’s time to treat yourself. At Lincoln, we designed our interiors to create a personalized sanctuary for each of our drivers. We anticipate what you may want and need by including only the most luxurious elements we can find.

The Navigator is the most iconic model within our lineup of luxury models because it incorporates impressive power with the design philosophy of quiet flight. It’s top-of-the-line - our Navigator deserves high marks for great upgrades like Lincoln Black Label and Monochromatic Packages.

Comfortable seating for seven is what you’ll find when you open the door. Inside, you’re treated to intentional design for comfort and peace. Best-in-class second-row legroom provides the extra touch your passengers will appreciate. Additionally, one-touch tilt-and-slide PowerFold second-row seats and a power-reclining PowerFold third-row offer easy access to rear passengers and cargo.

If you’ll be using your Navigator for vacationing or daily school carpooling, ask your sales team member about the available tiered Cargo Management Package, which provides an extremely functional way to organize all your most essential items.

By creating an atmosphere of calm, our active noise cancellation system helps keep you isolated from unwanted exterior noise, engine noise, and irritating interior noise, too.


Let some sunshine in with the touch of a button. Our Panoramic Vista Roof is large enough that it takes up the entire roof expanse, allowing your rear-seat passengers to enjoy blue-sky views, fresh air, and comfortable breezes, too.

Lincoln Play Rear-Seat Entertainment System comes with a streaming device. It allows passengers to play content from compatible devices to the system’s vibrant 10-inch adjustable screen, which is mounted securely to the back of each front seat. You’ll keep your rear-seat crew happy by making your Navigator a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Listen to your favorite artists and their music with a sound quality that is bar none. Twenty speakers are placed with intention to create a front-row seat experience like no other. Stereo, Audience, and Onstage listening modes allow your sound to be as pure and rich as they were intended to be. From Bach to The Beatles, you’ll never miss another bass note.

Convenience is important. Don’t worry about bringing a charger along. Our wireless charging and power ports manage that for you. Just place your phone on the front console wireless charging pad. When you get where you’re going, you’ll be ready!


Your safety is our priority. With Lincoln Co-Pilot360 Technologies onboard, you have the most innovative safety systems working for you while you’re behind the wheel. Many of these safety features are standard, but it’s important to talk with your sales team member to fully understand these innovations and how you should expect them to work for you. Safety features include:

    • Lane-Keeping System. Our system alerts you to refocus if you veer from your detected lane without using your turn signal. If you are unable to refocus, the system gently guides you back to the center of your lane.

    • Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking. Traffic is unpredictable. Our system uses sensors to scan traffic speeds ahead of you, so that should traffic stop or slow unexpectedly, you have ample opportunity to slow down, too. If you don’t have enough time to react, our system deploys Emergency Braking.

    • Forward and Reverse Sensing. This system assists with active parking and alerts you when you’re slowly approaching an object that’s in your way. You’ll never back over the bike in the driveway again.

These are only a handful of the many features both available and standard on your Navigator. Inspect them all. Investigate which ones work best for you. These are life-saving innovations. We want you to have full access to them all.

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At Twin Hills Lincoln, our team works hard to exceed your expectations. You’ll find only the highest-quality vehicles and most professional sales team members here. We know our brand and want to share with you all the reasons that Lincoln is the best company on the road today.

If you’re ready for luxury interiors, features that make life more convenient, and safety innovations that matter when you’re on the road, the Navigator is the way to go.

It’s time. You deserve the best, and the Navigator provides it. Visit us. Settle in behind the steering wheel. Explore the features. Think about the conveniences. Then, drive a Navigator home. You won’t regret it.

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