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Want style, comfort, reliability, and strength all in one sleek vehicle? If so, take a look at the beautiful 2021 Lincoln Nautilus. This is a luxury meant for the everyday.

The Lincoln Nautilus has a lot to offer, including advanced safety features, customizable style and comfort, and affordability for all. With models starting at $42,500 and leasing as low as $418 a month, there is a Nautilus for everyone.

Our dedicated team at Twin Hills Lincoln is here to help you find the right make, model, and design for your needs. Learn more about all the features that make the Nautilus the perfect family, commuter, or personal vehicle.

Relax in Luxury

The 2021 Lincoln Nautilus puts comfort at the forefront of every drive you make. Recline in comfortable seating for up to five. Let the cabin become your sanctuary away from the stresses of daily life. Make your morning commute a time to rejuvenate and realign.

Available models include Ultra Comfort 22-way front seats with Active Motion technology. Now you can adjust your lumbar and other features to perfectly mold to your level of maximum comfort. Long drives will no longer leave you sore and stiff.

Adjustments include power thigh extenders and eleven independent air cushions with massage inserts (seven options). These features have even been proven to help your muscles stay active longer without becoming fatigued. Rear seating is equally comfortable, allowing for quick snoozes and enjoyable rides for the entire family.

Other Features in the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus

Other features which make your life even easier with the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus include rear bumper hands-free tailgate access. All you need to do is kick your foot underneath the bumper to enable the liftgate to open. Hands full from grocery shopping or a trip to the hardware store? No problem with this feature activated.

Tune out the chaos outside with reduced traffic noise technology, including first-row laminated glass. Stay calm even when it is busy outside. You can even block out engine noise with Active Noise Control reduction technology.

Find peace with ambient lighting features in your cabin. This feature produces seven lighting options for whatever your mood may be. Enjoy the natural light with the Panoramic Vista Roof. Let in the fresh breeze with ease, enjoy the nighttime sky, or get some extra sun rays. Use the sunshade to reduce unwanted sunlight as needed.

Stay Safe in the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus

Safety should always be your number one priority, and here at Twin Hills Lincoln, we value your safety above all else. As a result, we have implemented increased safety features in our vehicles, including the sleek Lincoln Nautilus.

We have added more driver-assistive technologies because we are all human, and having added backup always helps. The Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 safety suite makes it easier than ever to drive with peace of mind.

Safety is at the forefront of every Lincoln. Some critical technologies for increased safety include:

Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking.

Accidents can be prevented with this feature. With advanced pre-collision assist technology featuring automatic emergency braking, accidents will become a thing of the past. This option will help you avoid accidents and lessen the severity of them if they occur. It will even alert you to traffic issues ahead and allow you to change your route to avoid slow traffic.

Blind Spot Detection.

Never worry about another vehicle in your blind spot again. With blind spot detection technology by your side, you will be alerted when traffic lurks in your blind spots. A small indicator light in your mirrors showcases when traffic is out of your sightline. Enjoy the ride and relax with help from the blind spot detection system.

Adaptive Cruise Control.

Cruise with ease with the adaptive cruise control system. This feature will even allow you to set your desired distance from other vehicles and help you maintain it. Set your speed and drive carefree. It can also resume your preferred cruise conditions after coming to a complete stop and adapting to traffic speeds.

About Twin Hills Lincoln

Are you interested in a sleek and sexy 2021 Lincoln Nautilus with enhanced safety features? If so, don’t hesitate to stop by your local Twin Hills Lincoln dealer or give us a quick phone call today to learn more. Invest in a car that is dependable, affordable, and safe. Drive away in your new 2021 Lincoln Nautilus today!

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