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Personal safety is at the forefront of our minds lately, but you’ll be pleased to know that driver’s safety has always been a top priority at Lincoln.

Our knowledgeable sales staff at Twin Hills Lincoln in Richmond Hill is proud that Lincoln has engineered some of the most innovative and high-tech safety features on the road today.

Standard Safety Features

From SUVs to sedans, the Personal Safety System is a standard feature on all our Lincoln models. In a split second, this feature can analyze different sets of conditions like occupancy and crash severity before activating necessary safety devices. This allows for an improved level of front-end crash protection and reduces the chances of airbag-related injury.

The Personal Safety System includes safety features like dual-stage front airbags, front safety belt pretensioners, safety belt energy-management retractors, a crash severity sensor, a driver’s seat position sensor, and a restraint control module.

Lincoln Co-Pilot360

This incredible suite of our five most popular Driver Assist Technologies is available on some 2019 models and all 2020 models. The Lincoln Co-Pilot360 package contains safety features that hadn’t even been dreamed of as recently as three years ago.

It’s revolutionizing the way we think about safety. Be sure to ask your sales team professional which of these features are standard on the model in which you are interested.

    • Blind Spot Detection with Cross-Traffic Alert

How many times have you tried to change lanes, only to be startled by a sharp horn blast from a vehicle in your blind spot? You looked! Truly. You just didn’t see it. With this technology, you don’t have to worry about that nerve-wracking horn blast again.

If there is a vehicle in your blind spot, the corresponding side mirror will indicate its presence with a small light. If you begin to veer into a lane in which there is traffic, an alarm will sound.

Cross-Traffic Alert lets you know while you are in reverse if vehicles are passing behind you. This feature is especially helpful when trying to back out of a parking space in a crowded lot.

    • Pre-Collision Assist With Automatic Emergency Braking

This technology can help you avoid or lessen the severity of front-end collision accidents by scanning the road ahead and alerting you to a vehicle traveling at a slower rate of speed or a pedestrian that may have stepped into your lane of traffic. If you don’t take corrective action in time, emergency braking is automatically applied.

    • Lane Keeping System

This is especially helpful for those who consistently make long drives. The Lane Keeping System gently alerts drivers who inadvertently veer out of their lane without using an indicator. If you take no action to correct lane drift, increased steering torque will help you get back on track.

    • Rear View Camera

The self-washing Rear View Camera provides a clear view of what’s behind you to your center screen. You will be able to confidently back into any parking spot with helpful guidelines and audio cues, too.

    • Auto Beam Headlamps

Although it may not sound like a safety feature, this tool is appreciated by anyone traveling on a dark road through Richmond Hill. By using sensors to scan the road ahead, the Auto Beam Headlamps turn on and off according to ambient light readings. Not only are you provided a brightly lit field of travel, but if a car approaches from the opposite direction, sensors dim your high beams automatically.


Another example of Lincoln’s commitment to safety is MyKey. MyKey allows you to program one of your Lincoln keys to control vehicle safety settings. These controls help encourage responsible driving even when you cannot be in the vehicle.

Configurable Settings include:

    • Set a vehicle speed limit.

    • Set speed reminders.

    • Set the audio system to 45%

    • Enable settings for Advance Trac, 911 Assist, or Emergency Assist

    • Enable the Do Not Disturb feature

Non-configurable settings include:

    • Safety belt reminder

    • Low fuel or low charge warning activates earlier

    • Driver Assist features will be forced on

    • Restrictions on adult content via satellite radio

Other Available Features

Lincoln makes a host of safety features available. Be sure to ask your sales team member for their must-have recommendations. Take time to think through what additional features might increase driver-confidence. Other features from which to choose:

    • Smart All Wheel Drive

Don’t worry about terrain again with this system, which uses sensors to monitor traction.

    • Sensor-Monitored Suspension

Personalize your driving experience with Available Adaptive Suspension. Sensors guarantee you’re always steady through readings on detected movement, steering, and braking dynamics.

    • Active Noise Control

Keep your eyes on the road and your mind at peace with this safety feature! Microphones throughout the vehicle make sure your sound profile is calm and steady, using acoustic waves through speakers to block outside noise from infiltrating the cabin.

Our team at Twin Hills Lincoln is proud of the safety features we provide our friends and neighbors in Richmond Hill. Stop by today to check out the safety features that make a real difference.

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