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Our team at Twin Hills Lincoln knows the state of mind driving a Lincoln Aviator can give. Even the name “Aviator” has a sophisticated, sleek feeling reminiscent of the golden days of aviation and evocative of leather bomber jackets, gold-rimmed instruments, and white silk scarves.

With luxuries abounding, features that make life more convenient, and safety innovations that restore your confidence behind the wheel, the Lincoln Aviator is the car you’ve been looking for.


Lincoln wants your Aviator's cabin to cradle you in luxury. When you sit behind the wheel, we want you to feel as though you can take a deep breath in your very own sanctuary!

Thoughtfully crafted to produce calm through design, the interior soothes and comforts through simplistic, clean lines and impeccable craftsmanship.

Available heated and ventilated Perfect Position Seats with Active Motion promise a comfortable journey, no matter where you go. Thigh extenders offer 30 ways to adjust the seat, and head-restraint articulation supports your neck the way you need it. Massaging Active Motion melts the stress of the day away, and available leather seats customize your comfort.

With seating for seven, you’ll find plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the experience. Choose between captain’s chairs or a bench seat for the second row. Both offer versatility and convenience.

The convenience of the split PowerFold third row cannot be denied. Versatility abounds with three-row ample luxury SUV seating for two passengers that can easily fold flat with the touch of a button.


Silence. That’s what you’ll hear when you sit alone inside your Aviator. If you seek out those moments of peace and quiet, you will find them inside. With an acoustic-laminate windshield and front door glass, as well as active noise control that captures, analyzes, and cancels sound within the cabin, you’re all set for sanctuary.

Features like an available wireless charging pad aren’t just convenient. They’re must-haves for people on the go! Leave the cords at home and appreciate the ease of charging while you drive just by laying your phone on the charging device conveniently located inside the front console bin.

Lincoln has thought of everything! Live recordings of soothing yet still attention-getting alerts serve as non-critical alarms. When your door is slightly ajar, you’ll hear a bow being drawn across the strings of a violin instead of the discordant clang of a chiming bell. It’s less jarring and definitely more pleasant - just one more way we achieve sanctuary.

Sink into sound with the available Revel Ultima 3D Audio System. 28 strategically-placed speakers provide an acoustic masterpiece that will have you appreciating your favorite artists from Bach to The Beatles in a whole new way.


Your safety is paramount. The Lincoln Co-Pilot360 1.5Plus provides a group of advanced driver-assist technologies that boost your confidence behind the wheel. With safety innovations like these, it’s easy to feel more in control no matter where your journey may take you. Safety features include, but are not limited to:

    • Available Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control. Set your preferred cruising speed and the distance you’d like to keep your car from the traffic ahead. Our system will detect and adjust your Aviator depending on the pace of traffic. This feature can take you to a complete stop and restart your vehicle when appropriate.

    • Available Evasive Steering Assist. When a vehicle is moving more slowly than you are or has come to a stop, our system also alerts you to slow or stop. If you cannot adjust to prevent a collision, Evasive Steering Assist can help you maneuver by providing additional steering support.

    • Reverse Brake Assist. When you’re in reverse, our system can detect an object or pedestrian in your path and slowly apply the brakes to avoid a collision.

These are only a sample of the many safety features available. It’s crucial to ask your sales team member which standard features are available on the Aviator. Make sure you know how these systems work before you leave the dealership so that you can know how it feels to have extra support when you’re out and about.

About Us

Our team at Twin Hills Lincoln wants all our friends and neighbors to experience the pleasure the Aviator brings. With luxury in spades, fun features at your fingertips, and safety innovations that make a difference in how you feel about the journey ahead, the Lincoln Aviator is a sight to behold.

Come experience your sanctuary! Visit us in Richmond Hill. Slip behind the wheel of an Aviator. Experience luxury. This is a driving experience like no other, and you deserve it. See for yourself what Lincoln can offer. You won’t be disappointed!

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