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If you’re looking to find your way this holiday season, then Twin Hills Lincoln knows how to get you there. The stylish, sophisticated, modern Lincoln Navigator has all you need.

Our team wants you to see that the Navigator abounds with space and comfort, luxurious features, and safety innovations that make a big difference in the way you feel behind the wheel.


Depending on how you choose to configure the seating, the Navigator can seat up to eight people and has plenty of cargo room for all their most important things!

Settle into your journey with Perfect Position front seats featuring Active Motion massage. Eleven independent air cushions, heating, ventilation, and independent thigh extenders allow you to adjust the seats to your liking, making your journey as comfortable as it can be.

PowerFold second- and third-row seats allow you to take advantage of the cargo space you want whenever you need it at the touch of a button. With an available tiered Cargo Management Package, you’ve got the organization and versatility to tackle any tricky cargo situation that may arise.

When you have the opportunity to revel in quiet, we want you to enjoy it. Our active noise cancellation system gives you the curated silence you need to think through a busy day. Using advanced technologies to silence and quiet engine noise and unwanted outdoor noises, you’ll find a peaceful drive every time you get behind the wheel.


It may take a little getting used to, but the Piano Key Shifter seamlessly blended into the center console makes changing gears as easy as pressing a button. Not only is this pleasing to the eye, but it frees up space for other amenities in the driver’s seat and console.

Charge your phone wirelessly by slipping it inside the center front console media bin. Don’t worry. Your passengers aren’t left to their own devices, so to speak. Six smart-charging USB ports, four 12-volt ports, and a 110V/150W AC power outlet provide all the options your passengers will need for accessing power wherever you go.

You can invite the outdoors in with the Panoramic Vista Roof. The glass is so large it opens up the entire vehicle and makes it feel even more expansive and inviting. First- and second-row passengers control the retractable roof, putting warm breezes and blue-sky views well within reach.

Your backseat crew is sure to love the available Lincoln Play Rear-Seat Entertainment system, which comes with a streaming device and allows passengers to display content on each of the two 10-inch adjustable screens mounted to the back of each front seat. Access content through USB, SD card, or HDMI cord. An embedded modem with Wi-Fi hotspot makes streaming, sharing, and downloading a snap!


Your safety is our priority. With our Lincoln Co-Pilot360 Technologies, you can rest assured you have the latest and greatest safety innovations working to keep you and your passengers safe. These driver-assist technologies help you gain confidence as you drive. Most of these features are standard across all models, so be sure to talk with your sales team member about features specific to the model in which you’re interested. Safety features include:

    • Lane-Keeping System. If you veer outside your detected traffic lane without using your turn signal, our system will alert you to focus on the road ahead. If you have trouble maintaining your lane, the system will remind you that a quick stretch of the legs or a caffeine break may be a safe choice.

    • Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking. Our system uses radar to scan the road ahead, monitoring for vehicles or pedestrians that may be in your path. If either is detected, you are signaled to slow down or stop, and if you cannot react quickly enough, our system employs Automatic Emergency Braking for you.

    • Forward and Reverse Sensing. It’s nice to know you have an extra set of “eyes” if you need them! This system helps with active parking by letting you know if you’re approaching an object you may be unable to see. The sensors make both the road ahead and the space behind you easier to manage safely.

These are just a few features of importance! Be sure to talk to your sales team member about all the ways Lincoln keeps you and your passengers safe.

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Our Twin Hills Lincoln team wants you behind the wheel of a Navigator this holiday season. This vehicle helps you find your way, and does it in style.

Visit us in Richmond Hill to test drive a Navigator today. See for yourself all the ways this vehicle can make life more convenient and luxurious. You’ll look forward to long trips knowing you can arrive in the Navigator.

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