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If you have a first-time driver in the house, you’ve definitely had at least one conversation about a first vehicle. It can be hard to know which vehicle is the best one for your most precious cargo. That’s why our experienced salespeople at Twin Hills Ford in Richmond Hills are here to help!

In our experience, questions about safety, reliability, and affordability are top priorities when putting a new driver on the road.


Keeping our loved ones safe is at the top of everyone’s mind lately. Safety for your first-time driver is no different. We understand exactly what you’re going through, and we can help put your mind at ease.

Historically, used cars were popular first-car purchases for teens. Since they were less expensive than new cars, used cars could withstand the inevitable scratch or bump with a little less drama and anxiety than a new car. However, current safety technology has now outpaced that train of thought. Today, parents want the peace of mind that widely available life-saving safety features provide.

Ford MyKey, offered standard on almost all Ford models, is changing the way parents and first-time drivers think about their car. MyKey is - literally - a key custom programmed with safety features you feel are most appropriate for your teenage driver. Those features include:

    • a safety belt reminder with repeating alarm

    • low fuel light that activates earlier, allowing more time for fuel-up

    • the ability to restrict vehicle speed

    • the option to set audio systems to a maximum volume of 45%

You can also equip MyKey with these available features:

    • always be on for Advance Trac or traction control

    • 911 Assist or Emergency Assist

    • Do Not Disturb, which blocks incoming texts and phone calls while driving

    • Blind Spot Information System and Cross Traffic Alert


You and your driver have to have confidence that once out on the road, the vehicle will get where it is supposed to go. The Ford Company has built a reputation for reliability.

An added comfort to parents (and their teen drivers) is FordPass, a mobile app that allows the user to access complimentary remote features like start/stop, lock/unlock, schedule a start, locate vehicle, and vehicle status checks. With this app, you can see current fuel levels, service history, warranty information, and when it’s time for an oil change.

One key feature FordPass provides is quick access to Ford’s Roadside Assistance. Covering you further and longer than most other industry warranties (60,000 miles or five years, whichever comes first), Ford’s Roadside Assistance is available 24/7, providing drivers with fuel delivery, winch-outs, tire repair, lockout assistance, battery jump starts, and towing.


The Ford Company has long produced vehicles that families could afford. A safe, dependable car is an investment, but with our competitive pricing and reasonable financing plans, we can help find the best car for your budget. Look at our current deals, compare pricing on our available models, and get pre-approved on our website before you even step on the lot.

Another tip when thinking about affordability is to contact your current auto insurance provider to discuss the expense of insuring your first-time driver. This expense needs to be factored into your budget before you purchase, and you may be surprised at the good advice your insurance agent can provide.

It’s likely this vehicle will carry your teen through high school, to college, and beyond. We recognize when you purchase a vehicle, the monthly payment isn’t the only expense down the road. Fuel efficiency is a long-term way to think about added savings.

While our popular Ford Fiesta, Focus, and Fusion models have a solid reputation for fuel efficiency, we also have a new line of eco-friendly hybrids, electric vehicles, and plug-ins that top the list on fuel-efficient choices.

Ten of our most popular models have an EcoBoost option. EcoBoost combines three technologies for a combination of power and efficiency, maximizing fuel economy and turning our fan-favorite models into fuel-savers. Another available feature is Auto-Start and Stop, designed to help reduce emissions and the amount of fuel you use.

Don’t forget to talk with your teen about regular maintenance. It’s important they know the ins and outs of effective ways to maintain their vehicle: maintaining good air pressure in tires, routine oil changes, replacing wiper blades and air filters, and even making sure the gas cap maintains a tight seal are all ways your first-time driver can have an impact on overall savings. This added responsibility often empowers first-time drivers and sets them on the right track.

This time in your life is one of change - let our team at Twin Hills Ford relieve you of some of the anxiety that change can cause. This first-time buying experience should be a memorable one - in a good way! Let us show you how.

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